I Unexpectedly Received a Refund

Did you receive an email from Rugged Rosaries indicating you have unexpectedly received a refund?

Most often an unexpected refund is because we have been able to save you on shipping costs. This happens most often for customers who have placed multiple orders in quick succession to the same shipping address. Our shipping team is trained to combine the orders and refund any extra shipping costs.

Other times you may get a refund is if an item in your order is not available for shipping. In this case, you will get a refund for that item, but we will also email you separately to alert you of the problem with the item.

If you received a FULL refund of your entire order, it may mean that our e-commerce system automatically canceled your order immediately after it was submitted. This usually happens when the payment does not pass the fraudulent tests. It may be that your card had some suspicious activity on it or that some of the info for the credit card was entered incorrectly. Please contact support@ruggedrosaries.com to help solve this issue.

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