Comparison of Rugged Rosaries vs. Mass-Produced Copies

Because we want you to have the very best rosary, we want to show you how to spot the overseas mass-produced "copies". These knockoffs are being sold in a few Catholic stores, but mainly you will find them on Ebay or Amazon. Watch out for these telltale signs of poor quality:

1.  Mispellings on the devotional medals and crucifixes.

2.  Poor detail on the medals or crucifix.

20220704_092807 500.jpg

20220704_092946 600.jpg

20220704_093306 600.jpg

3.  "Gloppy" finishes and poorly constructed bead chain.

4.  Weak loop connectors that pull apart.

5.  Bad return policies / no customer service.

GOOD NEWS! If you happened to purchase one of these poor quality rosaries and have had problems with it pulling apart, we will exchange it for one of our beautiful rosaries. Since these are copies of our products, we often get customers writing to us about their WWI Battle Beads Combat Rosary that pulled apart or had bad spellings. When we see their rosary, we recognize immediately that it is a copy and not one of ours, but we will still help you out with a new replacement from our company.

How to exchange a copycat rosary for a Rugged Rosary.

Why do we do this?  Because it is a win/win. You get a better rosary, and we earn your trust and hope you will purchase your Catholic gear from us in the future.

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