How to Make Rosaries

Unfortunately, we cannot teach you how to make rosaries but there are many great sources available. 

To learn about the parts of the rosary:
Below is a photo of the parts on a typical paracord rosary. Numbers 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 may also have just a knot or a bead for the "Our Father". 
Some of the rosaries may also have a medallion for the center instead of the big knot at number 9. 


1. Crucifix
2. Our Father Knot, or could be a bead. 
3. Faith, Hope, and Charity, Hail Mary Knots or Beads.
4. Next large knot: Glory Be, Our Father, or could be a bead
3. Hail Mary Knots or Beads.
5,6,7,8. Our Father Knots or Beads
9. Centerpiece knot area is the end of the rosary. Can also be a Centerpiece medallion. 

To learn about making knots: 

Ah! The fun part! We recommend a great book called Paracord Fusion Ties by J.D. Lenzen.

How to tie the Big Knot:

We also recommend this Youtube channel:

To learn about rosary making:  

Making twine rosaries:
How to make an all paracord rosary:
More rosary making with rosary twine:
More traditional rosary making:

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