Simple Changes to Your Rosary Order

Simple Changes do not necessarily need a custom work order:

If you only want to make one change to a stock rosary, you do not necessarily need a custom work order. If you see a rosary on the website that you like, but would like to change out the crucifix to a different one, or maybe change the paracord to a different color, this is a simple change we can do in just a day or so and ship quickly.

To request a simple change do the following:
After you've added your favorite style to your cart and any optional medals you want, it's time to request your simple change. On the shopping cart page, you will see a box labeled "Order Note". There, you can request simple changes such as:

  • Different color paracord - example: Please use Red paracord instead of Black
  • Different Crucifix
  • Different Beads
  • Or a different medal

Please, if you are making more than one simple change, we ask that you contact to start a custom work order. We will have to email you if you are making more than a simple change using the "Order Note" box.

Simple Cart Change

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